Environmental Policy

Environmental policy is an integral element of our corporate strategy. Intrinsic value, social responsibility and practised sustainability are the most important contents of our corporate culture. The product philosophy is characterised by high quality standards, environmentally sound products and future-oriented innovative solutions. Employees act responsibly in terms of how humans and nature are treated.

Our principles:

  • We see ourselves as our customers' partner. We formulate goals to achieve environmentally friendly technologies. We emphasize resource-saving development, production and logistics. Thus our products help to protect our environment.
  • Complying with existing environmental law and internal regulations going beyond the law are a matter of course.
  • Continuous improvements in the product creation and implementation processes mitigate effects on the environment. Open communication and involving all employees in organisational environment protection efforts ensure achieving the environmental policy goals in a sustainable manner.
  • The cooperation with the authorities is based on a practical and trustful attitude. The coordinated emergency preparedness at the production location prevents the escalation of events caused by acts of God.

Suppliers and service providers are included in our environmental objective. In terms of environmental compatibility of our products we request and monitor compliance with legal requirements as well as adherence with all respective rules and standards.


Efficiency of the management systems installed

DIN EN ISO 9100 in preparation

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