Quality Objectives -

Our basic quality objectives are to:

  • fulfil the customer requirements as well as all statutory and regulatory demands
  • obtain and continuously enhance the confidence of our customers
  • be among the best in the market in terms of quality products
  • produce economically, efficiently and environmentally consciously (saving resources)
  • avoid and eliminate errors
  • rectify identified error sources quickly and permanently, so that product and product quality can be continuously optimised
  • constantly improve our supplier relations in our own interest and in the interest of our customers
  • maintain and further develop our quality management system in order to achieve continuous process enhancements
  • implement and achieve our quality objectives by each employee at his/her workplace
  • support of all employees by the management - providing the required means and documents as well as initiating appropriate measures and organising employee trainings
  • define quantifiable medium-term quality objectives on the basis of meetings and internal audits These audits and management reviews serve to evaluate these objectives in terms of achievement and efficiency; if required they will be adjusted or redefined.


Efficiency of the management systems installed

DIN EN ISO 9100 in preparation

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