Quality policy -

Quality is our supreme corporate objective. Customer satisfaction can only be achieved, if the quality of our products and services is our top priority. Reliable and long-lasting product function take priority over any other factors. Since its founding, Berlet Formenbau has always placed great emphasis on the demands required by the market.

The customer is at the centre of our thinking and acting. The quality demanded by our customers can only be efficiently achieved, if all participating internal functions perform their tasks in accordance with the principle of complete and best possible fulfilment of the requirements imposed on them and each individual contributes in an accountable way in each stage of concept identification, development, planning, consulting, purchasing, production control, acceptance, transport, commercial administration, shipping, provision and customer service to the quality requirements. In order to satisfy the growing quality requirements of our customers, we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure our customers receive perfect products conforming to standards.

Innovation - Part of our daily work. The management regards the quality of our products as well as their economic advancement and constant value analysis as an indispensable foundation for ensuring the company's success as well as maintaining and expanding our market position.

Avoiding errors instead of eliminating errors. The focus of our quality assurance concept is on avoiding making errors. Should a product deviate from the specifications, each employee is requested to take care of remedying the defect, reduce the risks of nonconformity costs and initiate measures to minimise all deviations from the ideal value. Each of our employees is personally accountable for the accuracy of our products.

Employees are our intellectual asset. Our employees are our strength. They shape our reputation and our professional capacity. A thoughtful and anticipatory staff development policy contributes substantially to ensuring our future success. We put great emphasis on our work environment having a positive effect on the motivation, satisfaction and performance of our employees.

Collaborative relationships to customers and suppliers. Aiming to reach win-win solutions for both sides, we cultivate communication with our customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Profits are the basis for growth and survival in the marketplace. Our earnings are ultimately our confirmation of how successful we were in fulfilling our customers' expectations.

Integrity does not tolerate compromises. We positively contribute to the benefit of the society to the best of our abilities by showing great respect and social responsibility.


Efficiency of the management systems installed

has been prooved by a witness audit with an excellent result.

DIN EN ISO 9100 in preparation

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