What have heaven in the business world?

In our company?

Because we do not want to relinquish "Heaven" as a resource, but make use of it. We have a living God, who is with us. We do not want to leave the Kingdom of God at home, but take it with us to work. We do not want to restrict His glory to the Sunday service. But give Him the honour that belongs to Him.

Work out of His mercy, His peace and His calmness.

He loves us and joins us, our processes, our visions. We want to live a culture of appreciation, a culture of love. Internally as well as externally towards our suppliers and customers.

In all our endeavours we want to first seek the presence of God. There is nothing else!

During our weekly morning prayer we may feel and experience His presence and His closeness. He listens to our prayers. You are warmly invited to tell us your prayer requests.


Through the strength and power of God the Father, His son Jesus and the Living Spirit which is given to us.

•   God rebuilds family relationships. His peace will come to us.

•   Provisions. God gives us what we need, and more.

Finances, Employees, Orders.

•   Healthy employees

•   Working together in harmony

•   Rebuilding business relationships

Cordial invitation to our Morning Prayer  (PDF Download)

I have a basic principle, according to which I no longer regard all my earthly possessions to be my property, but as the property of my heavenly Father. They are held in trust by me and employed according to the spirit of God, as prescribed by the law of love for humankind, as Christ loves them.

Warm regards, Thomas Berlet


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